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Code the City 19

Since our service closed on 19th March, the archive has had to become more creative in the way in which we continue to operate. As a team, we have tried to keep up our online presence and part of this has been the arrivals transcription project. This has been an ongoing partnership between Code the City and Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archives. Part of the donation made by the Aberdeen Harbour Board was a collection of ledgers. The 151 arrival ledgers from 1831-1957 record the ship’s name, home port, master, the port which it has sailed from, the cargo and the day’s weather. They are a great way to understand how commerce in Aberdeen has change over time. Cargo entries in the 1831 ledger show coal, lime, ballast and timber, which suggests that building materials were in demand. In 1957 research gear and gas oil were more common. The registers can also reveal key trading and sailing routes. Ports such as Dundee, Faroe, Kirkwall and Hull are common occurrences, but the inclusion of