Thank you and goodbye!

Today is my last day at Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives! Despite the odd year, I've had a great time working on the project and wanted to share some of the highlights. On arrival I looked through the collection and quickly understood its importance. With records from 1800-1960, the archive covered a significant period in the history of the Harbour and Aberdeen as a city. The records not only documented the history of the business but the way local people lived and worked and I was determined to do it justice.  Excluding the week to familiarise myself in December, I had about three months with the collections before lockdown was imposed and we were no longer allowed to go into the office. Despite this, I managed to catalogue 516 volumes and 154 boxes to file level. This year has been all about adapting and utilising existing assets so I can’t take all this credit alone; a number of volunteers and staff had already worked hard to create lists of photographs and block plans.